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Age almost isn't a factor here. No kidding. This class covers everything from stringing and tuning a guitar to learning songs and focuses on the core of rhythm. If needed, students will practice to a metronome.


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This class spends more time focused on technique and less on chords. The songs and techniques learned in this class will drive the student to 'dance' with their instrument in any song.


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This is for the student really looking to express themselves and experiment with their guitar. Alternating rhythm patterns, strange time signatures, basic finger-picking, basic theory, and preperation to moving on to playing lead guitar.


Aaron really helped me grow in music tremendously.

I owned a guitar but it collected dust in my closet. It's been about 10 months since I first took his class and I went from knowing nothing to being the lead worship leader in a band. He really took the time to help all the students and became a good mentor and friend in the process.

Christopher Fulton (Student) + Worship Leader Eustis Church of God Christopher Fulton: Student + Eustis Church of God Worship Leader

So, what can be expected?

For absolute beginners, we'll start with a simple song to build confidence. For everyone else, the first lesson will be used to gauge where the student "is" and what we will be building on.

Every student progresses at a different rate. The only guarantee you have is that practice will improve technique, skill, talent, and anything else related to their instrument. The job of the teacher is to pass on knowledge, stimulate progress, encourage, correct, and guide... and to jam along with from time to time. Every class will be different from student-to-student, based on where the student is at. Beginning classes mainly consists of learning the basics to owning the instrument, learning chords and songs, and focusing on playing in time.

The one consistent thing among every class, student, and musician is that practice always brings improvement.


Guitar lessons are good for you.

What's the deal?

I do lessons for students of any level. The first session is an assessment of where the student is except true beginners. Each lesson is 30 minutes long. Each lesson is $25. Lessons are paid for by the month. 5th week lessons are off weeks. Reschedule is needed 24 hours before. Lesson fees are non refundable.




This is exactly as it sounds... month-to-month.

Tuition / fees are paid at the first lesson for the month on a monthly basis, 4 at a time. Any 5th week lessons are taken off. A break does good for everyone. Month-to-month students, if ready, will also be invited to attend any recitals and concerts.


I try to follow the Lake County School Semesters.

This allows students in the Lake County School System, as well as students who are parents of kids in LCSS, to easliy plan guitar lessons around the other things that come along. Some semesters are busier for kids than others. The same is equal for partents. Sometimes life is busy. I get it.

1 FREE LESSON Discounts are offered when paying for the entire semester.

Semester Schedule

Summer Semester (7 WEEKS):
Monday, 6/13 - Friday, 8/5
NOTE No class 6/20-6/24 for Camp Ignition

1st Quarter (9 WEEKS):
Monday, 8/15 - Friday, 10/14

2nd Quarter (7 WEEKS):
Monday, 10/24 - Friday, 12/16
NOTE No class 11/21-11/25 for Thanksgiving Break

3rd Quarter (9 WEEKS):
Monday, 1/9 - Friday, 3/10

4th Quarter (8 WEEKS):
Monday, 3/27 - Friday, 5/19

Time taken off:

Thanksgiving Break:
Monday, 11/21 - Friday, 11/25

Winter Break:
Monday, 12/19/16 - Friday, 1/6/17

Spring Break:
Monday, 3/13 - Friday, 3/17

Summer Break:
Monday, 5/22 - Friday, 6/9


Questions?   I'll be glad to help.

A little background...

I grew up in the music business. My dad was one of the finest male tenor voices in Nashville, and considered to be one of the best bass players in town while he was there. He was also an excellent rhythm player and songwriter. He owned one of the biggest country gospel record labels in the world. I grew up playing under the table while my parents were enjoying time with some of the biggest names in the music business. My mom is still one of the best piano players I know. She can write a worship song that will make you weep! And a voice to match. I've been around music my entire life.

When I went out into the world for myself, I turned from God. I played secular music for most of my adult life. Now, aside from being a worship leader, I'm also the front-man for a positive message focused rock and roll band...

I don't say this all to brag... if I were, I would be mentioning names... I say it to point out that I have been involved with music my entire life. Today, my heart and mind are pointed towards ministry. I want to pour into people in any way possible. I think it's one of the only ways to see actual positive change in the world. Music is one way I can do this.

Aaron Textor, teacher Aaron Textor: Teacher + Victory Church Worship Leader


Who am I contacting?

  Aaron Textor TEACHER
  Tavares, FL
  (352) 551-1511

Where are lessons held?

Lessons are held at my home in Tavares, FL (address available at sign up or by request after) or at Victory Church in Dona Vista, FL (between Eustis & Umatilla). Lesson location will be scheduled well in advance.